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Ready to take full advantage of the new residential builds due in 2016 and 2017?

As is well-known, construction is well off the 2006-2007 peak year numbers, but construction output is slowly starting to increase. Ireland faces a number of uphill battles:

The good news:

It is now time that real estate companies capitalise on any market opportunities that present themselves. Modern business has no sympathies for traditions, as we must remain on high alert at all times to remain effective and relevant to the market. Opportunities are very scarce at the moment, so there is an ever-present need to be ahead of the game and be innovative. The window of opportunity will only continue to get smaller, as more modern technology becomes available and competitors continue to hone their reactive and proactive capabilities. Market competitiveness is fierce at the best of times, so under the current circumstances this present various directions a real estate business can choice:

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