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We realise that choosing an estate agent is much more than a box-ticking exercise. These are some of the things which set CKP apart as an outstanding agent to sell your property…

  • Our Focus: People more than properties. You are our client. We focus on doing the very best job selling your property for you.
  • Our Goal: To do the job right and help you realise your dreams, whether these are to maximise your money and/or to move to a more suitable home.
  • Valuation: We give an accurate valuation backed up by hard data. We will not over-value your property to try to bamboozle you into appointing us. Statistics show that over-priced properties sell for less. The way to maximise the selling price is to start at a realistic asking price.
  • Marketing: We design our marketing to attract the buyer for whom your property ticks the box. This involves a lot more than just describing your property and taking excellent photographs.
  • Viewings: The viewing experience is critical. With us viewings are done by the agent handling your property, in person. They are scheduled in advance and personalised, giving each viewer the time to engage, ask questions and talk about their requirements and preferences.
  • Follow-up: Your negotiator contacts each viewer to ask for their feedback, elicit offers and notify them of bidding. Bids are submitted via our transparent online bidding platform.
  • Without a buyer there can be no sale: We treat buyers with respect. Buyers prefer to buy from people they like and trust. Statistics from other markets show that a liked and trusted agent can add up to 5% to the selling price of a property.
  • Cost of our Services: With us you have a choice of a flat % rate or a performance related package. With our performance package you pay one of the lowest % rates on the market. Our performance element is financed by the excess we achieve above the expected selling price for your property. We earn our commission. A recent client who was dissatisfied with her current agent, switched to us. On a very modest property, she ended up with over €30,000 extra in the bank after paying our performance bonus. Employing an expert, and paying them for their expertise, is a wise move when selling an asset worth many times your annual salary.
  • Results: Our professional approach, well-honed skill-set, and our level of personal attention has been proven again and again to generate outstanding results. Based on figures from the property price register, in the last ten years our sales director achieved 4.2% more for client’s properties than other agencies selling similar properties at the same time. In 2021 to date we have sold every property listed with us, with an average selling price 11.25% above asking. We can be relied upon to do a brilliant job. We will not let you down. If you want to maximise your return, we tick the box as a professional house seller.
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