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How long does it take to sell your house in Ireland?

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How long does it take to sell your house in Ireland?

The average time to sell a house in Ireland is 7 months. There are a lot of different factors that influence this such as how quickly the housing selling takes, how strong the market is, the type of property for sale, if there are any issues with planning permission and if they need to apply for a certificate of retention, is the title in order and if there is a mortgage on the house. Going to the market we advise the client to go to their Solicitor first to ensure legalities are in order before going to market and this will greatly speed things up.

In CKP our average time from launching the house to going sale agreed is typically 23 days. After going sale agreed the time to close greatly differs as it’s up to the buyers and sellers to sort out contracts and for the buyer’s Solicitor to be satisfied with the contacts to complete the sale.
Searches need to be carried out right before the close of sale by the buyer’s Solicitor to ensure that there are no legal burdens or mortgages affecting the title to the property or judgments registered against any individual with an interest in the property. With so many different variables it is very hard to give an accurate time frame. How long to sell your property

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