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Procedure for evicting a tenant lawfully

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If a landlord wishes for a lawful termination of tenancy, first, they must serve a notice of termination. The notice must be in writing, signed by the landlord and specify the date at which they wish the tenancy to end. The notice must contain the reason for termination. If the tenant has any issues regarding the notice, they have 28 days to contact the Residential Tenancies Board.

A landlord has the right to lawfully terminate a tenancy if:

  • The tenant has breached their responsibilities under the Residential Tenancy Agreement. 
  • The tenant has failed to pay their rent on time. 
  • The landlord requires the property to be returned to their occupation for family or personal use.
  • The landlord wishes to sell the property or undergo extensive renovations on the property.

Before the term of the tenancy reaches 6 months, the landlord has the right to lawful termination of tenancy without reason.

On the other hand, an unlawful termination of tenancy occurs where the landlord does not give the appropriate notice to the tenant, there is no reasonable grounds for terminating the tenancy or the correct procedure to terminate the tenancy is not followed.

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