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Presale checklist for the seller or a residential property in Ireland

Selling a residential property in Ireland

Is slow, stressful, complicated and obtuse so preparing your property for sale is very important and I am not talking about de-cluttering it, cleaning it and doing some gardening.

selling your property

After an agent has marketing your property and has a bidder with an offer you are willing to accept then you property will have the status sale agreed. The buyer can pull out and get their full deposit back until the contracts are sign so not have the deeds and also the contracts means you are adding time onto the sale transactions and thus you are introducing additional risk as things may change in this period.

So as a seller and well before the purchasers solicitor asks for them you should:

1. Ascertain location of Title Documents. If they are with Bank then you should complete an authority to take up from Bank.

2. Get your solicitor to copy the deeds and prepared to issue;

3 – If Non-Principal Private Residence Tax is due pay it. If it is then have the receipt.

4. Get a certificate of Discharge or Exemption from NPPR. A Receipt is not sufficient.

5. Get the Certificate of Discharge from Household charge ?

6 – Local Property Tax – LPT Account I.D. & pin. Print the LPT Account for closing

7 – BER Certificate and Advisory Report is required to satisfy The European Union (Energy Performance of Buildings)
Regulation 2012;

8. Plans and planning for any extensions or substantial work carried out to the property?
Architects Opinion on Compliance with Planning Permission and with Building Regulations?
A Financial Contributions Letter. A Retention/Retrospective Opinions if appropriate.

9 – PRA Compliant Map, Registry of Deeds/Title, Land Registry Compliant Map. Any maps on prior title deeds for comparison. Boundary Issues

10. Are you going to pay off a mortgage so you may need to consider redemption costs to pay down your mortgage early.

11. Cross security. Is the mortgage charged for another loan which is required to be paid. Do you have negative Equity? If so the Bank may need to consent to ‘Net Sales Proceeds’ – Agent Fees, Legal fees but
also you need to watch for unpaid NPPR, LPT, Service Charge Etc.

12. Is your property part of a management development or estate[OMC]. If so you need to get a requisition from the OMC. • Request replies to MUDs Act Queries as soon as possible;

Are there Service Charge Arrears as they will need to be paid.
Are there any Management Company issues such as no sinking fund.