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5 tips to decorate your house on a budget

Adorn your home with these easy and accessible suggestions to make it more charming and enjoyable.

During quarantine, we spent a lot of time inside our houses. Since we needed to stay on lockdown, we become more aware of the importance of making our home more comfortable and pleasant.

We all want to put a little of our personality in our home but not everyone can spend lots of money on this (especially living in a rented house). Here we present five decoration ideas to add a personal touch while spending zero or little money and without making any permanent changes.

If you are a house owner thinking of selling or letting your house, these five tips will help you to make your property more appealing for buyers and tenants. We also have another brilliant article on tips to present your property.

1. Plants

Plants can be a beautiful natural decoration. They bring  life and happiness to the environment. 
If you don’t have an open area or natural light, you can choose a plant that adapts to your place. 
Here are some examples of plants that don’t need a lot of sun and water: 

2. Bottles

Glasses and bottles are simple things that you can find in your house and can easily recycle to turn them into a new decoration for your home.

3. Paintings

Look for local art. You can find good street art, local painters or old movie posters at thrift stores (flea markets).

An even cheaper alternative is to make your paintings or frame your children’s artworks. You can find some nice frames at local charity shops, and even paint them to match each other if you like!

If you are renting a house and you can’t put nail into the wall, don’t worry about that. We have a solution! You can buy a good quality double-sided tape and remove it without damaging the wall. 

Bilderrahmen A4 für Kinderbilder, mit Aufbewahrungsfunktion, weiß, von Articulate Gallery


4. Create a lovely atmosphere with low budget objects that you can buy for as little as 1€.

Love everything about this living room. Grey, Pillows #Livingroom #cozy #cocooning #homesweethome #pillows #grey #white #silver #candles #blankets
  • Candles
  • Lamps and lightning, 
  • Bowls of fruits, 
  • Pillows
  • Mirrors 
  • Rugs and carpets

You can look for decoration on fast fashion stores or you can also find a lot of interesting objects at flea markets

5. Rethink what you have and re-organize it.

Sometimes the solution is easier that you’d think! Move things around or relocate them to another room. 

  • Bring out the Marie Kondo in you:
    • If your house is messy and you have a lot of stuff you can think about what you want to throw out or donate, 
    • Reorganize the place and think what makes you happy and what you don’t want to keep around anymore. Choose what you want to keep and maybe move to somewhere else in the house.
    • Choose what you want to keep and maybe move to somewhere else in the house.
    • Find new ways to decorate using things you already have and keep the space cleaner.
O hall de entrada é o cartão de visita da sua casa! É um lugar estratégico, que deve ser decorado e mobiliado de tal forma, que você e seus convidados, se sintam benvindos! Via: Pinterest
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