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A quick-moving out checklist for a landlord of a rental property 2021

How to best move a tenant out of your rental property

  1. Check that you have given the legally required notice

    You need to give the correct and appropriate notice. Please check the RTB website for all the different notice periods depending on the length of their tenancy.

  2. Make sure you have the MPRN and GPRN numbers of the utilities of the property

    You want to make sure the tenant does not leave any bills behind and you also want to make sure you transfer all the utilities to the next tenant cleanly so you are not left with any of their charges. Take the readings and email them to the tenant as proof.

  3. Send a letter setting out your expectation for the handover

    This is the most contentious and a lot of the times this could be mitigated by sending them a letter explaining your expectations and the standard that the property needs to be returned in the same condition as to the day that they moved in.

    I have given you here a letter we use to give the tenant some guidelines as to what is expected of them.

    Hereunder please find instructions and information for Vacating the property

    Proper notice, a clean apartment in good repair, and return of keys on moving out day are essential elements to successfully vacating an apartment. Listed below are the procedures to follow when moving out:

    1. The dwelling, equipment, and furniture shall be in good order allowing for “reasonable wear and tear” and cleaned according to specifications noted on the Check-Out Information Sheet before the tenant leaves. Stains and dirt are not considered wear and tear.

    2. On the date of termination/vacation, the tenant must be completely moved out, and the property and it must be returned in a clean and habitable state so that another tenant can immediately move in. If this is not the case then to achieve this a cleaner or contractors will be employed to return the property to the same state it was in when you move in and the cost will be deducted from their deposit.

    3. Charges for any damages, missing articles, or cleaning will be deducted from the tenant’s security deposit. If the damage and/or cleaning charges should exceed the deposit, the tenant will be billed by credit card.

    Moving-out checklist

    1. Gave the correct number of day’s notice of intent to vacate in writing.

    2. Where the property is occupied by more than one tenant and one of the tenants is leaving before the other and where it is not possible to clean or inspect the apartment properly prior to the departure of the tenant who is leaving, the remaining tenant will bear the responsibility of the cleaning of the property in full. That the deposit is “joint and several” so the deposit will not be part returned to one and not the other.

    3. At least five (5) working days prior to moving out, please make an appointment to have your apartment inspected by one of our representatives. This can be done via e-mail or by calling 01 2883688. IT IS ADVISABLE FOR ALL OCCUPANTS OF THE PROPERTY TO BE PRESENT AT YOUR CHECK-OUT.

    4. Empty the kitchen cabinets, drawers, and dresser drawers. Wipe them out with a mild detergent and clean exterior doors and drawer fronts. Leave all doors and drawers open for inspection.

    5. Clean the top of the cooker/hob, microwave, and oven with appropriate cleaner (Note: do not use oven cleaner on aluminium pans). Clean all visible parts of the extractor hood and filter. Wash out the waste bin and insert a clean fresh bag into it.

    6. All dishes, pots & pans, cutlery, eating/kitchen utensils must be clean, dried, and put away in the cupboards.

    7. Defrost and empty the fridge ensuring to remove all ice and water. Clean sides and trays using a mild sudsy solution or disinfectant. Leave the fridge doors open to prevent a stagnant water smell from building up.

    8. Clean all bathroom fixtures and fittings to include the bath/shower, toilet, and vent. Clean walls/tiled areas and polish chrome fittings. Clean shower curtain, ensuring that the shower enclosure is cleaned with a non-abrasive or soft scrub type cleanser, such as Cif bathroom cleanser.

    9. Clean all pipes and controls.

    10. Vacuum carpets, hallways, furniture, mattresses, and bed base to include underneath. Remove stains from the carpet(s) as stains and dirt is not considered wear and tear.

    11. Walls must be wiped with a sudsy cloth; Windows should be cleaned and clear from streaks.

    12. Take all refuse and discarded items to the nearest garbage collection area. Large items need to be placed beside dumpsters. Deliver any unwanted items of value to the local charity shop. If this exceeds the capacity of the bins available you will need to dispose of them at the dump. Any items left beside the bins or in the property will be dumped and the charge of disposal taken from your deposit.

    13. Bedding – Ensure all items that were present at the time of occupation are washed and ironed and placed back on the bed for use by the next incoming tenant.

    14. Handover your keys/door and/or car park fobs to our representative upon checkout. The cost of replacing lost keys/door fobs is a minimum of €10 per key and €65 for car park fobs

    Give yourself enough time to clean your property thoroughly. This will help ensure a full refund of your deposit. I would budget forty hours to clean a property completely.


    After deductions for any unpaid rent, cleaning, loss of keys/fobs, and/or damage charges, we will refund any unused portion of the monthly rent/deposit. Refunds typically take 1 week to process after the tenant has vacated and will be transferred into your bank account. Please supply banking details, IBAN/BIC of your nominated bank account in order for payment to be made.

    Rates: Carpet cleaning €120 call-out charge. Cleaning contractor €45 per hour. Handyman €95 per hour.
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