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Choosing the Best Estate Agents Dublin

So if you are looking to appoint an agency we believe that Casey Kennedy Estate Agents are one of the best small boutique estate agencies in Dublin that has been operating for over 40 years.

So the question is how do you define a good or the best estate agent or agency.

  1. So to sell a property first it has to be price or valued correctly. The valuation of the price to advertise the property is not the price you how to achieve. It needs to be low enough to attrack prospective buyers but not too low as to negatively effect the highest selling price that could have been achieved. This is both an art and a science and having an experience agent / valuer is very importance to set the inicial seling price. This is where the agent will earn and more pay for their fee if this is correct.
  2. The property needs to be prepared, promoted / advertised prominently to the target audience that your property will suit.
  3. When the enquiries come in they need to be qualified and then communicated with inviting the prospective purchasers to a viewing. This is a skill that a experienced and professional agent will do as it is important that they are working smart as well as hard.
  4. At the viewing the agents needs to assertain the level of the prospective buyers interest and also their ability to make an offer and complete the transaction.
  5. The agent needs to seek and nuture qualified offers from the interested parties
  6. The agent then communictaes all offers to all parties and facilitates and nutures valid offers. A big misconception out in the public is that agents drive the price up on properties whereas this is not the most important factor at all to the agent. The agent is more interested in a purchaser they are confident will complete so this is why a cash buyer is so valuable as the risk of them no completing is reduced as there is not a 3rd part such as a mortgage institution involved.
  7. The agent then recomends the offer of their choice which may not always be the highest bid. Often times it is for obvious reasons but a cash buyer again might be more atractive if the vendor is in a chain and they need more surity that a mortgage buyer.

So when choosing an agent to represent you it is a cluster of skills and experience you need and when they are all deployed and executed then it is likely you will achieve the market price if not a little more.

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