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Termination Vs Eviction


The letter box shows a letter to the tenant stating that there will be a termination of tenancy.
What is the difference between termination of a tenancy and eviction?

An eviction, as opposed to a termination occurs where a landlord, through means such as intimidation, threats or force, refuses entry by the tenant to the dwelling or removes their belongings from the property without justification or in the absence of legal formalities. The RTB takes such evictions seriously as they typically occur without adequate notice, forcing tenants into homelessness.

Terminating a tenancy becomes an illegal eviction when it mirrors the circumstances above, however where the landlord has given adequate notice and followed the legal formalities, the termination is legal and so, it is not classified as an eviction. 

Terminating a tenancy is legal until such a point where formalities are not followed and it becomes an illegal eviction.

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