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What is a Mortgage Deed?

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A man holding a small house in his hand and mortgage deeds on the counter with a calculator.

A mortgage deed is a legal document that grants a money lender security against a property they have a loan out on. When you are purchasing a new home, you will have a Solicitor looking after the Title/Deeds on the property you are looking to purchase. The Solicitor will be able to explain all of this to you

A mortgage is when someone wants to purchase a property but, they don’t have the full amount so they will apply for a loan from a bank or lending institution. If the bank agrees to loan you the money, they will have a mortgage deed against the property. This is a legally binding document and it’s enforceable by law. The deed will provide the lender with security against the property, this will last until the day the borrower has made the final payment back to the bank. If the borrower for whatever reason is unable to pay back the loan, the mortgage deed against the property may grant the lender the legal right to foreclose or take ownership of the property. This is a sticky subject in Ireland and it is rare that someone is forced out of their home.

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