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What is Stamp Duty?

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Tax return forms relating to Stamp Duty.

It’s a tax on certain instruments (written documents also know as deeds)

Stamp Duty is a form of tax that is payable to Revenue. It’s payable on instruments that transfer land and buildings in Ireland.

These instruments are usually referred to as ‘Deeds of Transfer’ or ‘Deeds of Conveyance’

Stamp duty is also charged on the following instruments:

  • written leases of land and buildings
  • written documents which transfer shares or stocks ofIrish companies
  • written documents that transfer property as a gift
  • written agreements or contracts to transfer property

If you would like any more information on instruments that are liable to Stamp Duty head over to the Revenue’s site.

In addition, this is payable on the following:

  • Credit cards and atm cards
  • Cheques
  • Insurance policies

How much Stamp Duty do you pay in Ireland?

The current rate is 1% on the first €1 million paid on a residential property and 2 % on anything above this figure.

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