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Homes with lower BER going to see higher stamp duties in effort to push more retrofits​

Among other measures to increase the amount of retrofits in Ireland, higher stamp duties are proposed for homes with lower BER

Recent figures suggest targets for retrofitting are not being met and a substantial increase being needed in order to comply with the climate law. Since setting the goal of retrofitting 500,000 homes to a B2 by 2030 only 18,527 have been completed. That comes out to less 4% of the total goal. To reach the target, every year, for the next decade, an average of 60,000 homes will need to be upgraded.

So what is holding home owners back?

The SEAI (Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland) says costs are the main set back for most when considering retrofitting their home. According to the SEAI more than 70% of homes in Ireland are at least 40 years old meaning the amount of upgrades and the cost of those upgrades are substantially higher than a newer build. “The cost of a full retrofit including heat pump can range from €25,000 for a home built since 2000 to €75,000 + for larger or older homes

In an effort to convince more people to join in on retrofitting their properties the SEAI is using signange to indicate homes being financially assisted in their retrofitting aswell as tax breaks for landlords and a proposed increase ion stmap duty in homes under a B2 BER (this increase would be refunded if adequate upgrades were made to the home withing months)

Just over 27,000 homes were upgraded with SEAI support last year, most of which were shallow retrofits. Only 8,481 getting the full treatment to reach B2 level.

Other schemes:

  • Free BER assessment
  • Payroll saving schemes to help employees build up a pot for retrofitting
  • Refer-a-friend bonus scheme
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