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Are pets allowed in the rental property ?


Pets allowed in private rental accommodation
Can a landlord refuse to allow a pet in the property ? Yes they can absolutely refuse is the short answer unless the animal is certified to assist in a disability.

The Residential Tenancies Act 2004 details landlord and tenant law, however, the law on allowing pets in private rented accommodation is unstated. This means that it is at the landlord’s discretion whether or not they wish to allow pets in their property. 

It is wise to state from the outset when viewing a property that you have a pet that you wish to keep on the premises. This will allow the landlord to make an informed decision on whether or not you will be a suitable tenant for the property. The reality or truth is that allowing pets adds risk of additional cost of damage and cleaning when you leave. How you can mitigate this risk is a difficult question. You might not be able to offer more rent as it is likely in the RPZ and so it will be capped or more of a deposit so the only allowed to take one months deposit.

If you enter a lease whilst currently having no pets and you wish to get one, there may be a clause in your lease which states the landlord’s stance on having pets on the property.

There are many valid reasons that a landlord may refuse to allow pets in the property. These reasons include a situation where the space in the property is not adequate to hold a pet, the possibility of the pet becoming a noise nuisance to neighbours, and the likelihood of damage beyond normal wear and tear being caused to the property. If you wish to keep a pet on the property, we recommend discussing these concerns with the landlord to mitigate their hesitations.

Note: A landlord cannot discriminate against particular tenants under the Equal Status Act. Within this legislation, they cannot discriminate on the basis of disability including blindness, and so it is possible to have guide/ assistance dogs where they are required.

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